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What is Arizona Golf Season?

By • Mar 20th, 2014

Gold CanyonWhen is the best time to travel for conditions on golf courses?

Arizona has some of the best golf courses in the county. The question I get from a lot of golfers is when is the best time to travel to Arizona to play the courses while they are in good shape? The courses in the valley are always in great shape to play whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer. Golf courses perform maintenance just like any other golf destination but it’s crucial to know this happens so that you don’t travel out here and play courses that have either been either punched or over seeded.

Golf courses in the valley are all on different schedules when it comes to maintaining their course. Typically, courses will start to aerify the greens in late May through the summer months. Once they punch the greens it usually takes about 2 weeks before the greens start to roll back to their normal condition. During this period, the course will not be in its best shape. It’s always smart to ask before you book a course this time of year if the course will be in good shape or not.

The next procedure that the golf courses do in Arizona is a procedure known as over seeding. This is where the courses will plant the winter rye grass for the upcoming cooler months. During the summer months in Arizona the golf courses have Bermuda grass which feed off the heat of the hot days out here. The courses are still in great shape during the summer but not might look as pristine as they would in the fall and winter months. The Rye grass fuels off of cooler temperatures so during the months of late September through October all of the golf courses will shut down for a period of two weeks to go through this transition of scalping the fairways and greens to plant the new winter, Rye. A rule of thumb is usually not to play a course about a few days before they close down and about a week after they reopen to experience great conditions. Another point to remember will be all of the courses that over seed will be cart path only for about a month or so to let the grass mature and maintain the strength of the rye. Typically, courses will let the rule down around Thanksgiving weekend, but it all depends on external factors like weather and how the course matures during the process.

quinteroWhen is the best time to travel for prices on golf courses and hotels?

Arizona has about 5 different seasons that range from the following dates. Depending on which time you want to travel out here will dictate the prices.

I will start out with the cheapest time to travel to Arizona and that is from June through September. During that time of year, we experience our hottest temperatures, and our travel and tourism is at the lowest period during those months. Prices will be the most reasonable so if you are looking for the best prices, this would be the best time to travel.

From October through December this is a shoulder season where prices start to come back up since the courses have all went through there maintenance procedures and are in fantastic shape… In my opinion this is one of the best times to travel to Arizona as the weather is fantastic and the golf courses and hotels are cheaper than the peak season months of January through March.

That brings me to the high peak season of January through March. During these months we experience the best temperatures across the world for travelers. The golf courses and hotels are at the highest prices during this timeframe and there is a lot going on in the valley. Tourism is at the highest this time of year, so this is the most expensive time to travel to Arizona. We have a list of the best discount golf packages to Arizona here.

The next two months are where the prices start to tailor off from high season prices. April is a month where weather is still fantastic, and the courses are all still in great shape. Prices this month are comparable to October through December. May is a bit hotter outside so the prices start to even drop lower than April. Though the prices are not as cheap as the summer month, it’s still a great time to travel. The high temperatures are usually in the 90 degrees range for a high so still great golf weather with no humidity. Arizona Resorts this time of year are busy and packed.

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