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Aerification in Arizona

By • May 22nd, 2009

It’s a great day for golf in Arizona, the sun is shining as always and you couldn’t imagine a better golf destination. As you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, you’re approaching the first tee box and then you spot something no golfer ever wishes to see while on vacation, those little holes and sand patches, otherwise known as aerification. Does this mean your round is doomed from the start?

Well, perhaps this isn’t the case. Remember that many great legends have shot tremendously well just days after aerification. If the PGA Pros can do it, then so can you.

A golfer needs to understand just how important aerification is to maintain a healthy green golf course. Over time as golfers walk and ride their golf carts over the course, the soil becomes compacted. This compaction will eventually destroy the air pockets surrounding the roots in which they deeply depend on for survival.

Aerification is a short term maintenance procedure that pulls the core from the greens leaving tiny visible holes around the greens and fairways that may affect the course for days to come. The end result of this process creates more air space and promotes deeper rooting, which promotes grass health. Two major points are accomplished from aerification, relief of soil compaction and improvement of soil mixture.

Ususally, the small plugs you seen on the golf course are ½ inch cores. These holes made on the golf course are filled with sand, also known as top dressing. This will help the soil to retain air space and allow for the roots to grow properly in downward direction.

It’s important to ask about the aerification schedule when making a tee time. Most Arizona golf courses will do this process during the late spring and early summer seasons. It is recommended to wait a week or two after aerification to get the best playing conditions possible.

So next time your out on your Arizona Golf Vacation in the Spring/Summer be sure to ask about aerification and if it is going to affect any of the golf courses that you might be playing.