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AGA: Arizona Golf Association

By • Mar 28th, 2012

The Arizona Golf Association, a non-profit organization, assists in the development and promotion of the game of golf for all who want to play. Founded in 1923, the organization has grown from a small group of golfers who ran the annual Amateur Championship to an association consisting over 400 clubs and 65,000 members.

The goal of the AGA is to promote the spirit of the game throughout the state of Arizona by providing access to course facilities and the USGA Handicap System, adhering to all USGA rules and standards, and conducting state championships.

The AGA offers several membership options, which include different benefits. Regular Club Membership is the basic entry for golfers interested in joining a club and maintaining a USGA Handicap Index. There are three different types of clubs a member can join: Regular green grass clubs, affiliate clubs, and unaffiliated clubs.

Regular green grass clubs are for members already affiliated in a private, semi-private, public, retirement, resort, or military club that has a valid USGA rating and conducts club events with residing records. The second type, affiliate clubs, are for people already associated in another organization and do not belong to a permanent club. They are not attached to a particular course, but conduct regular tournaments on multiple approved Arizona golf courses. The third option, unaffiliated clubs, consists of members that have had no prior membership to any clubs, thus recruitment is solicited through newspapers and the Internet.

Regular Club Membership benefits include: Access to USGA Handicap Index, score posting at AGA member course, an official AGA membership card, AGA magazine and e-newsletter subscription, and eligibility to play in AGA tournaments and championships.

AGA dues vary throughout the season and can be paid directly to the club the individual belongs to. Eighteen-hole clubs range from $25-$35 January through October and is compensated during October through December. Nine-hole club rates are reduced by $10 and follow the same schedule.

For people wanting more benefits, they can upgrade their membership with ACCESS AZgolf. The program offers two options and provides reduced rates at courses across Arizona. The first option, ACCESS AZgolf, provides preferred rates to participating Arizona golf courses and a free one-year subscription to Golfweek for $19.95. The second option, ACCESS AZgolf + AG Passbook, provides all prior benefits, entrance to more than 35 rounds of golf at premium courses in Arizona paid at the promotional fee, and a box of Srixon balls at the start of each round.

ACCESS members also receive discounts on equipment and apparel, travel, and instruction.
Another partnership through AGA is the Tournament Players Association. This is a separate membership that provides benefits ranging from discounts to exclusive tournaments and early registration. There are four levels of membership including the Basic ($100), Par ($150), Birdie ($250), and Eagle ($500).

As the AGA continues to grow, it will establish more opportunities for players across the state.