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Arizona Golf Covid-19 | Coronavirus Updates

By • Jul 14th, 2020

Updates on Arizona Golf Covid-19:

Covid-19 is present in all 50 states and many have turned to outdoor recreation like Arizona golf to provide some relief in the recent months. We have received many questions on what to expect regarding travel to Arizona during the covid pandemic. Please read the guidelines below to address some of your questions and/or concerns traveling to the valley.

Your Hotel / Resort Stay

Arizona Hotels and resorts alike have implemented new standards and procedures to keep you safe. High touch points in public spaces and guest rooms have become a main focus. Extra disinfection of light switches, door handles, TV remotes and thermostats are some to name a few. Things such as paper and pen amenities have been removed but are available upon request. Also, glassware in guest rooms has been replaced with disposable products.

Face masks/coverings are required upon check in and anywhere where throughout the property where social distancing of 6 feet is not possible.

The pools will be open and face masks will not be enforced at the pool; however, guests are encouraged to wear a face make when not in the pool or at their lounge chair.

If you did not travel with the person next to you, please maintain a 6 feet distance from that person as a courtesy.

Restaurants will be open. A face mask is required in the lobby or waiting area. Once you are seated, you may remove your face covering. There will be implementation of single use menus.

Gyms and spa facilities are currently closed until further notice.

Please note the hotels and resorts are not fully staffed to police or monitor the social distancing and mask wearing outside of the front desk area. In the end, it is truly up to each and every guest to practice the rules.

Hotels and resorts that offer free breakfast will have a grab and go prepackaged option or guests may choose to dine in the dining area if they choose.


A face mask or face covering is required while in the golf shop at any Arizona golf course.

Guests will be paired on a golf cart unless they do not know each other at which point each guest will be allowed to take his or her own golf cart. Face masks are not required on the golf carts or outside on the golf course.

Beverage cart service has not changed and will be in route throughout the day. Face masks will be worn by staff on the golf course.

Please leave flag sticks in the cup on all greens when putting.

Please do not use the rakes after hitting a shot from the bunker. Simply use your feet to smooth the sand as you leave the bunker.

Golf carts are sanitized between use and staff is available to help load and unload your golf clubs from the golf cart.

Make sure to use these tips and it will make your Arizona golf round a lot safer during these Covid 19 times.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping centers will be open during your stay here in the valley. Face masks are required when at the indoor shopping mall. If you are shopping at an outdoor mall, face masks are only required when inside a shop. When you are walking outdoors, please practice social distancing and you may remove your mask. Also, when outdoors if you are in a situation where social distancing is not possible, please wear your mask.

Restaurants require a face mask upon entering the establishment. You must wear your face mask until you are seated at your table. Once seated, you may remove your face mask. Tables will be separated by at least 6 feet of distance as per CDC guidelines.

There are some restaurants that have decided to offer take out only. Please make sure to contact the restaurant to check on their policy regarding indoor dining.

Following these rules will help keep you safe. If you have any questions that have not been answered regarding Arizona golf covid-19, please contact one of our golf package specialists to assist you. We are happy to answer any questions.

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